10 Types of Orders in Crypto Trading and why should you try them all?

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Let us find out how to execute advanced and basic orders as opposed to just buying and selling your preferred crypto assets.

Market Orders

Stop Orders

Limit Orders


Trailing Stops

For every ten cents that the price moves forth, the trailing stop would move ten cents too. So if you are holding long and the price moves by ten cents, your stop loss also moves ten cents but, if the price starts falling you stop loss becomes stationary.

Brackets Orders




Placing and initiating orders on exchanges is a hassle-based process. Having a sound knowledge about varied orders that one can carry out on exchanges and trading platform is necessary to survive in the volatile markets. helps beginner traders select investments that align with their risk tolerance and enable them to garner risk-adjusted returns.

TWAP orders

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Originally published at https://tradedog.io on July 16, 2020.

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