Staking is a part of the PoS consensus mechanism used in PoS based blockchains. It implies locking funds into a pool or a wallet to aid a blockchain network to achieve consensus, thus, rewarding the participants for their staked assets. The stakeholder essentially becomes a node or a master node by staking some funds mandated by a project such as a stake of 32 Ethers in Ethereum makes the investor an Ethereum validator. In DeFi Staking, a user simply stakes her holdings to silently gain Annual Percentage Yields or APYs over time. …

TDeFi announces the incubation of Aimedis, a blockchain-based healthcare operating platform that focuses on community and data transparency. Aimedis has spawned the first DeFi and NFT use cases in the healthcare industry by collecting and interpreting medical and scientific data for taking quick, right and effective decisions. The Aimedis medical and data-driven ecosystem is intended to serve patients and hospitals on a global level through applications available on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

About Aimedis

Aimedis is transforming how healthcare data is consumed throughout the globe by revolutionizing the way it is processed. Their stress on the importance of…

TDeFi is happy to announce its incubation of Aqar Chain, a decentralized property subscription marketplace. The project is a subsidiary of Smart Chain, a company that builds on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, ML, IOT among other enterprise web and mobile applications. Aqar Chain has sought approval from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) and has secured various licences to amplify and operate its business in the UAE and Saudi.

About Aqar Chain

Aqar Chain is a one of a kind facility management platform that allows users to invest in properties by purchasing a small fraction of tokenized lands…

TDeFi is happy to announce that it has incubated Bitay Teknologi AS in its acceleration program. Bitay is an Istanbul-based Turkish crypto exchange with over $500 million in daily volume. The exchange is one of the visionary crypto exchanges that prioritize its users by implementing accessible, efficient and seamless solutions geared towards real-world adoption. Bitay is the first cryptocurrency exchange in our incubation drive. The exchange will receive various industry-leading services such as advisory, growth hacking, early-stage investment, development and more at TDeFi.

About Bitay

Founded in 2018 with an R&D grant from the Turkish state, Bitay opened for operation…

An Exchange Traded Fund or product (ETF-ETP) is a tax-efficient investment fund that tracks the price of an underlying security, cryptocurrency or index. The ETF is largely used in the traditional markets by pooling funds from various sources and purchasing tradable assets such as securities, shares, bonds and derivatives. The ETF funds are listed on stock exchanges and are available for buying and selling.

Constituting All of DeFi features into a single dapp

Project 1: DeFiPie

TDeFi is a start-up acceleration program specifically designed for DeFi start-ups. We don’t just help in building the product, but we also help in the adoption of the project. TDeFi is starting the DeFi Adoption Movement, and to begin with, we have selected a project from our second cohort called DeFiPIE.

DeFiPIE is an all-in-one dApp which allows users to lend, borrow, stake and provide liquidity under a single platform. The protocol combines some of the best features of money market protocols while offering its own unique features, enabling users to enjoy the promises of Decentralized Finance. DeFiPIE allows its…

Ethereum 2.0, TVL, Open Interest

The total market capitalisation of the crypto assets spiked to new highs at $1.1 Tr on Jan 10, 2021, it retraced ~17%, and in the next 12 days, the total market capitalization fell to $913 bn. However, as on Feb 3, 2021, the mcap has started gaining momentum and is currently hovering around $1.06 Tr. Bitcoin and Ethereum are one of the main driving forces as their prices have appreciated by ~12% and ~15% respectively in the past 7 days. The “Buy Crypto” keyword search is at an all-time high, exceptionally higher than early 2018, according to The Tie. …

Featured: Double Spend, Bitcoin, BitMEX, Replace by Fee, Stale block, Blockchain

On Jan 20, 2021, BitMEX Research mentioned on a Twitter post that their Fork Monitor has traced a Double Spend activity on the Bitcoin Blockchain. It could have been a catastrophic event in the history of the crypto ecosystem and could have marked the end of the crypto revolution if it was true in its originality. However, it can be argued that the double-spent occurred on a particular timestamp as the same transaction was placed in two different blocks leading to the formation of a stale block.

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What is Double-spend?

Double spending can be thought…

Featured: President Biden, FinCEN, Bank Secrecy Act, Gary Gensler

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden took oath as the 46th President on Wednesday. On the first day of his new innings as the President of America, he had put a general freeze on all new or pending rules and proposals recommended under the Trump administration, effective for 60 days from the date of the memorandum. …

Featured: Ethereum, layer 2, Dapps, transactions, non-zero balance addresses

With the advent of Ethereum 2.0 scheduled to be launched by the next year- and the efficacy of its underpinned infrastructure serving as the backbone for the Layer 2 solutions to build their projects on top of it- Ethereum has established itself as a go-to infrastructure provider. Ethereum is laying the foundation for the traditional industries such as insurance, financial trades & services, credit authorization, legal processes, etc so that protocols and tokens can leverage its smart contracts functionality to bring in effectiveness and efficiency in their day to day functioning.


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