AMA Session with Edverse: Decentralize and Democratize Education in Metaverse

5 min readMay 7, 2022


With the underlying philosophy of “ideas might fail but people don’t”, TDeFi aims to work and collaborate with brilliant minds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. One such kind is Edverse and its founding team that aims to revolutionize the fundamental offering of metaverse through education. In order to spread the word, TDeFi recently organized an AMA session with Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder, CTO & CPO at Edverse. The session was moderated by Rishabh Gupta, Head of Business Operations at TDeFi.

The session began with formal introductions, followed by a brief discussion on the potential synchronization of metaverse and education sector. The blockchain industry has witnessed significant development since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008 as a financial instrument to the offering of a virtual world in form of Metaverse today. The trend of synchronizing traditional market with blockchain has started gaining significant traction, and the team at Edverse is doing such with education.

Rishabh: What factors made the alignment to introduce education within metaverse and start the entrepreneurial journey of Edverse, and what is the roadmap ahead?

Yuvraj: TBH, the journey started a decade ago wherein we were working on the mainstream education through Kompanions, a traditional venture introduced by the team which aimed for revisualizing the education sector. The venture included corporate giants with the likes of Google for providing AI-powered learning experiences. However, the team realized there’s a massive gap between the knowledge gained through institutions and skills required by industries, along with changes in learning patterns of students. With the introduction of smart classes and virtual learning, we thought metaverse and education could be an ideal combination to enhance the user learning experience. That particularly lead to the formation of Edverse.

Rishabh: Considering enhanced user learning experience, what does the actual user experience looks like in Edverse?

Yuvraj: There are multiple streams placed for users to participate in the ecosystem of Edverse. The metaverse comprises four major components that are educators, creators, learners, and promoters. Educators will be able to develop their learning modules and programs with the repositories available in ed-NFTs. Edverse has an ed-NFT marketplace which consists of different NFTs related to learning modules and education experiences. Creators will be able to create and sell those particular NFTs. Promoters can buy and sell land available in the metaverse to educational institutions and educators. Learners will be able to browse through learning modules and roam around education institutions for learning purposes. The sole purpose here is not only to decentralized but also to democratize the learning and education experience in Edverse.

To have a teaser look at the user experience in Edverse, Click Here!

Rishabh: Apart from the learning experience in Edverse, is there any earning economy placed? With the rise of earning economies in the cryptosphere, such as Play-2-Earn, Move-2-Earn, and Create-2-Earn, do you think the same could be applied to education?

Yuvraj: Absolutely, it’s very important to have such an earning economy. Therefore, we have formulated a Learn-2-Earn model for all the learners of the platform. The reward structure is based upon the learner’s time and the number of educational modules he/she went through. This is mainly a win-win situation for learners who upgrade their knowledge and industry skills while earning tokens that carry monetary value outside the ecosystem as well. However, the earning economy is not only for learners but also for the other three participants. Creators will have rewards based on the number of NFTs minted on the marketplace. Promoters will be rewarded for buying and selling lands and validating content by becoming maestros in later stages. Educators will be rewarded based on the number of learning modules formulated by them as well as the time spent. The reward will be distributed in the form of native tokens of the platform, which is named Edverse ($EDV)

Rishabh: Considering the token, what are the utilities placed within the ecosystem, and how will it facilitate all the four components?

Yuvraj: While drafting the token utilities, accessibility and usage were the focal points among the four components. Educators can use the token to purchase NFTs from the repositories, and creators can use the token to mint NFTs on the marketplace, promoters can use it for buying and selling land in the metaverse, while the learners will also be able to buy NFTs of their favourite role models and icons. Additionally, learners can also have on-demand NFTs and avatars through the $EDV tokens.

Rishabh: Absolutely incredible! I think Edverse fulfils the significant aspects of user experience, earning economy, and it’s token in the most suitable manner. Is there any other important aspect that we are missing here?

Yuvraj: It’s the governance/validation system that is planned in the roadmap. Through this system, mastereos or subject matter experts will be able to validate the content and learning modules available in the metaverse. We aim to develop a vetting process for the learning courses to create more credibility with the community.

Conclusion: Education as the most purposeful offering in Metaverse

The dynamic change in an individual’s learning pattern has to be addressed with a high-powered and effective solution. Metaverse is set to be one of the potential solutions wherein the learning experience takes a virtual tour through learning modules along with the help of artificial intelligence and VR powered graphics. Edverse is set to provide a similar offering with the potential to have a first-mover advantage taking the necessary aspect of education into the metaverse.

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