India’s first-ever Crypto Roadshow all set to revive crypto enthusiasm in India

India is dominating the crypto scene with its first ever Roadshow to support the use of cryptocurrencies and impart knowledge about the revolutionary technology.

India is ready, make sure to mark your presence in the bull run.

Now that the SC judgment has revoked the RBI ban on crypto in India, thought leaders, and crypto evangelists are teaming up to pull off the biggest Roadshow in history.

India Cryptobulls is a not-for-profit initiative that is fostered by Cashaa and partner TradeDOG. The former is a fintech startup from the UK and the latter is a trading advice platform from the same country. Powered by ‘Consensus’ the prominent blockchain event, this Roadshow is scheduled to visit 15 Indian cities wherein it will host a myriad of blockchain projects, crypto enthusiasts, students, developers, and crypto traders.

The India CryptoBulls Roadshow is a movement to evangelize Public chains and the adoption of Blockchain in the Indian ecosystem. This event will promote ‘Informed’ Cryptocurrency trading and building a strong Crypto ecosystem in India. Anybody can join this free Roadshow and take part in the biggest mass movement to promote the use of cryptocurrencies and invite innovation in India. Volunteers can join the Roadshow under the Projects, Exchanges and Influencer categories and Winner of each category will receive the award at the Gala dinner at the end of roadshow (venue will be announced by 30th March) and represent India in NewYork, the USA on 12th May as a speaker at Consensus 2020 in “India Crypto Bulls” segment on stage.

India is an emerging economy with many potential gateways to innovation and development. The Cryptobulls Roadshow is going to create a ripple effect across the globe and put India at the forefront of the blockchain and crypto world. Barriers to entry will fade and prominent exchanges and blockchain platforms will invest heavily in India’s emerging crypto scene. International partnerships and alliances will add huge value to the market capitalization by introducing worthwhile use cases of crypto and blockchain. Implementing the Blockchain in India would disrupt major sectors such as remittance, supply chain, KYC, governance, healthcare and eliminate third parties and corruption once and for all- a problem prevalent in India for quite a long time.

As no other nation has hosted such a huge rally, India will be recognized by many nations where bitcoin and blockchain constitute an important factor in driving growth to their economy due to high adoption and innovation.

What are people saying about this event:

This is a great initiative by crypto evangelists and I believe this Roadshow will impart knowledge among Indians about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We can see major development and progress in the upcoming months~ zk, a crypto evangelist and blockchain enthusiast.

Who would not want to learn about cryptocurrencies since it is now perfectly legal in India? Traders and investors in this country have finally found a decentralized way to follow their financial freedom. As a trader, I’m so happy with this decision and thank India Cryptobulls who is further fostering the crypto scene here.~ Disha, Avid Crypto trader

I was a skeptic when I first came to know about the Bitcoin. I was confused as to how it worked and the RBI’ ban made me even more wary of using it as an investment. But now I came across Indian CryptoBulls and I think there is something about cryptocurrencies that every Indian should learn about. I am looking forward to joining the event and learn something productive and start investing in it. ~ Rahul, Student

“This is an incredibly emotional moment for India. Satoshi created Bitcoin because he felt that central banks were inefficient. The fact that the crypto industry just battled, and won, against the central bank located in the second-most populous country in the world is a massive achievement. We fought for 1.5 billion people to have the right to access crypto.” ~Sunny Ray, Kraken, Head of Global Business Development.

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