TDeFi Incubates Housemasters In Its Acceleration Program

House Masters is an amalgamation of Gambling and DeFi into a composite decentralized gaming suite with casino, sportsbook, and P2P games. HouseMaster is a Dapp on Fantom blockchain that allows the users to build their “House” by acquiring tokens. The protocol stacks DeFi Staking with the Casino games allowing users to earn rewards as well as interest on their capital. The project is based on the Fantom Blockchain that gives it a sustainable edge over other gaming ecosystems. Clubbed with the deflationary token issuance model, HouseMaster is set to disrupt the DeFi gaming ecosystem forever.

The project focuses on metaverse, affiliate marketing, community streaming, payment gateway, social capital, live betting, DeFi services, and sub-communities to build a self-sustainable ecosystem of next-level gaming and gambling. Users can create their own streams and join other streams, build communities, with various NFT integrations as avatars. House Masters provide immense value to its players, and investors by allowing them to earn rewards by transitioning from fiat to crypto, private clubs, farm yields, free in-game spins and other VIP benefits. The vision behind House Masters is to attract billions of dollars worth of idle assets populating the retail gaming accounts with little to no benefits. Instant transactions and relatively lower fees would not only mean swifter adoption but will also attract other Casino players from the traditional fraternity of online gambling only to make sizeable returns.

The House Masters team hail from gaming and gambling backgrounds and have a sound understanding of DeFi, Fintech, Metaverses and Casino games such as Poker. TDeFi is excited to see such metaverse with integration capabilities appear on the front and contribute to building a more transparent, robust and decentralized gaming ecosystem with real-world adoption.

TDeFi is an Acceleration and Incubation Program for DeFi & NFT startups. The TDeFi team strives to bring the best methodologies and practices so that the projects in our cohort can harness the power of industry connections and a slew of services aimed at growth and sustenance. Our objective lies in helping the end-investor and user to seek returns in valuable startups rather than finding value in vague and underdeveloped projects. TDeFi flaunts 15+ crypto projects that comprise Aimedis, , , , , , xBTC, , , Goldfingr, and many more. By advising and mentoring these startups, we intend to establish a world of sustainable and high-performance ecosystems driven by decentralization at the heart.

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