The Game of Coins- Game of Thrones Edition

How does your favorite Game of Thrones compare with cryptocurrencies

Last week we compared the events of Game of Thrones with the events in the crypto industry. The former is a fiction show by HBO while the latter is a productive ecosystem of numerous blockchain and crypto-assets. Upon reading, many of our users that both shared stark similarities and that they liked the plot when compared with each other.

Here we are with yet another article comparing crypto assets with some of the famous characters from the show.

Bitcoin: House Stark

The undisputed lord of his house, bitcoin is a synonym to honesty, integrity and power just like Ned Stark the frontman of house stark. But bitcoin is also similar to Ned Stark in various ways such as being famous as Ned was. It is also contested by other digital assets as we saw in the show where Ned was challenged time and again by dishonest men seeking the opportunity to have him thrown into a cell and take the seven kingdoms.

Ethereum: Daenerys

Daenerys was a revolutionary who came from nothing just like Ethereum though her father was the most renowned- the mad king. We have a striking similarity here with the Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin who’s father Dmitriy Buterin was also a renowned computer scientist and programmer and quite famous as well. Ethereum believes in strategic alliances all over the crypto realm just like Danny used to do by having a diplomatic outlook until of course she lost her mind and got killed for that. Both are visionary in their own sense. The question is can Ethereum take back the kingdom from bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash: Cersei Lannister

With high ambitions and a cunning outlook Cersei or BCH wants to destroy the one true enemy, the bitcoin. She is extremely efficient in manipulation and in getting what she wants and would stop at nothing until she has successfully ousted bitcoin from its position. She just wants to be the rightful heir to the crypto kingdom but it is not so easy Cersei you might eat dust again as bitcoin is the one true heir right now.

Litecoin: John Snow

Has quite a following and influence due to his bravery and resilience. Litecoin has proved itself as a worthwhile contender who quickly escalated in ranks and is still followed by a huge number of traders and investors. It could be called as the first cousin to Rob Stark the son of Ned (bitcoin) and owns a considerable worth as well.

Monero: Arya Stark

The faceless entity of the crypto kingdom with the ability to stay in the shadows. Moneo is the most sought cryptocurrency in the crypto world due to its abilities of shadow and untraceable transaction which is akin to the faceless men’s abilities to move around without getting noticed. Nobody can virtually trace how the transactions are appearing on Monero, hence is fame.

SEC: Lord Varys

The master of whispers! Lord Varys and the SEC have many similarities such as they both know what’s going around. They both have an idea where things could go wrong and are determined to work with respect for the people of the realm. They are incorruptible and are honest about what they do. The chain of their network is huge and far-reaching so one can mess with them just like the SEC has put a leash on crypto investment by close monitoring.

Hackers: White Walkers

Hell bent on the annihilation of the crypto world by waging constant attacks. Have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars of the realm’s money that was stored into the crypto treasuries (exchanges). They stop at nothing and even turn other honest people into crypto adversaries.

Exchanges: Master of Coins

Much like the Master of Coins who has the entire wealth of a kingdom at his disposal, exchanges work pretty much in the same manner. Just as the MOC is responsible for adding wealth to his coinage and monitoring expenses, exchanges have made a huge fortune out of trade fees, deposits and withdrawals. No one could have done it better than Tyrion Lannister after he was ousted from the Hand of the king to Joffrey and named as the MOC. Tyrion’s mind and knowledge has had kept him alive and thriving in every adversity he found himself in throughout the show.

TON: The Hound

The best example of the hound or Ser Sandor Clegane could be TON or the Telegram Open Network which has raised a total of $1.7 bn so far. Just as the hound, TON doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of others in the crypto space and is quite aggressive in building a decentralized platform on telegram network underpinned by the Gram cryptocurrency. It is formidable and respected and has taken the crypto industry and its competitors by surprise.

IOTA: Lord Baelish

As cunning as he might seem, he is also a great manipulator of the masses. His underhand tactics have helped him escalate in influence and ranks quite easily and is very ambitious just like IOTA. Designed specifically for the Internet of Things, IOTA has time and again created hype in its fraternity and amassed great influence like Lord Baelish. It is doing a credible job in partnerships and development and proves to be a formidable opponent to other cryptocurrencies.

So this was our comparison between Game of Thrones characters and the cryptocurrency realm. These striking similarities pose a thought-provoking outlook on the future of the crypto assets since the industry is prone to high volatility and risks. The Game of Coins is very interesting and a hot topic since this sector has sprouted thousands of jobs and opportunities to professionals and enthusiasts. Being decentralized and people-powered is what makes them formidable against their traditional counterparts. If the innovative advances continue to emerge, crypto one day could be ruling the world and even the new and the old gods would love it.

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